Membership FAQ

Membership has its Privileges

In order to access the insurance program, membership to the SSOIA is required. Each facility will need to provide the “who, what, why, when” of their current policy typically found on the Declarations Page of the property insurance policy. To provide us this information, please go here: SSOIA Membership Form

Each facility would join the Alliance free of charge (no admin fees or setup fees). Once the facility information is obtained, a property insurance proposal will be provided. If the proposal is acceptable and you choose to take the insurance, you will be billed an annual fee of $100 on your first insurance bill as a full member of the SSOIA. Each “1st named insured” will be required to join the Alliance. If you own several facilities and each facility has the same 1st named insured, you will only need one membership. If you choose not to accept our proposal or the proposal from SSOIA does not improve upon your current coverage and/or premium, no problem. You will not be billed the $100 annual membership fee.